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Cytokeratin 7 (MSVA-607R) & Cytokeratin 20 (MSVA-620R):










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ACE2 antibody clone MSVA-919R:










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CPA1 antibody clone MSVA-601M:










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Arginase-1 antibody clone MSVA-511R:

Large scale tissue Microarray evaluation corroborates high specificity of high-level Arginase-1 immunostaining for Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Arginase-1 clone MSVA-511R










MUC5AC Expression in Various Tumor Types and Nonneoplastic Tissue - A Tissue Microarray Study on 10 399 Tissue Samples
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MUC5AC antibody clone MSVA-109M:

MUC5AC Expression in Various Tumor Types and Nonneoplastic Tissue: A Tissue Microarray Study on 10 399 Tissue Samples


MUC5AC clone MSVA-109M










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DOG1 antibody clone MSVA-201M:

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DOG1 clone MSVA-201M













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Mesothelin antibody clone MSVA-235M:

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Mesothelin clone MSVA-235M










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Thyroglobulin antibody clone MSVA-189R:










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Cytokeratin 18 antibody clone MSVA-118R:

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Cytokeratin 18 clone MSVA-118R










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PLAP antibody clone MSVA-350R:











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Cytokeratin 19 antibody clone MSVA-119M:










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Napsin A antibody clone MSVA-112R:

Napsin A Expression in Human Tumors and Normal Tissues


Napsin A clone MSVA-112R










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Cytokeratin 5 (MSVA-605M) & Cytokeratin 6 (MSVA-606R):

Cytokeratin 5 and cytokeratin 6 expressions are unconnected in normal and cancerous tissues and have separate diagnostic implications


Cytokeratin 5 clone MSVA-605MCytokeratin 6 clone MSVA-606R