„With the current data on the market pathologists or researchers know only a little part of the behavior of an antibody. The rest is unknown. “


Many antibody vendors provide very little information and images on how an antibody stains. References are often limited to a positive and a negative control on their website. When pathologists and researchers use these antibodies, they don’t know about the complete staining behavior of an antibody because often they do not have time or access to enough different tissues to conduct an in-house validation of the antibody. This can cause severe problems because researchers cannot know if they can trust the antibody and the data they have generated in their studies.


MS Validated Antibodies is devoted to delivering optimal monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry and to provide the users with a unique product documentation enabling them to know as much as possible on their antibodies. Key features of the MSVA package include:

  • Highly stringent criteria for product selection: Only 150 out of the first 5500 evaluated antibodies were selected for the MSVA portfolio.
  • Unique product documentation including images from more than 50 different normal tissues and more than 20 tumor images per antibody.
  • Protocol suggestions for manual staining and autostainers (Dako, Leica, Ventana).
  • Published data on the performance characteristics of our antibodies are compiled on the MSVA homepage (if available).
  • Extensive educational content is provided for every antibody including links to other relevant sites.

Extensively validated, high quality antibodies are key to successful experiments. Optimal antibodies are particularly critical for multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry where even one cross-reactive antibody can spoil an entire experiment.

Most of our antibodies are rabbit recombinant antibodies. These share the advantage of complete reproducibility of their production because they are not generated by potentially unstable hybridoma cells but produced “in lab” based on the known DNA sequence of the antibody chains.


The Key for successful immunohistochemistry: Know your antibody


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