Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) are the main technology used for the validation of MSVA antibodies. This is because the TMA method is the only realistic approach to analyze the necessary quantity of different tissues that is needed to ascertain true specificity of an antibody.
Antibody comparison of two independent antibodies against PLAP on a Tissue Microarray.

Information on the TMA method and how to manufacture them is provided on the website of ISENET, the leading provider of “Tissue Arrayers”.
ISENET provides a broad range of practical tissue arrayers ranging from manual solutions to highly sophisticated and fully automated machines. The major strongpoints of the new Galileo TMAtic include flexibility for using all possible block sizes, high TMA block quality which is for example ensured by a cycle-by-cycle quality check of the punching needles. Unique features on other models includes Frozen Sample coring, remote programming and the widest range of core size: 0,6 to 5 mm.


The new fully automated Galileo TMAtic by ISENET